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Payment Collie

Dear Reader,


the remuneration that you have to pay for your Collie puppy / young dog collie with us, represents only a small amount because his dog's life.
It is appropriate when you consider the expenses for a healthy upbringing and medical care

The costs of food, veterinary care, taxes and insurance are projected to the years much higher.

As a customer you expect a healthy, socialized and imprinted on humans joyful puppy / young dog.

These services are provided by the Family Colliehof for you!

Raising professional with the appropriate resources, expansion and maintenance of the kennel, energy (heating), personnel, and constant readiness for nocturnal animals, the incur considerable costs. Currently we have three accommodation options, where two fully tiled and air conditioned dog houses are included.
We are not Wohnstubenvermehrer who want to give the customer as this species-rearing, because the investments are shunned in a plant and expose the puppy from an early time greatest stress that can classify them yet and investigations are not carried out
be, because it sings the profit.
Of course, every dog ​​is properly taxed, because breeding dogs is associated with regular, recurring revenue. On Web sites without tax number
can be considered tax evasion.
It can not be Vereinslegalisiert!


If you are offered a "cheap" Collie, be critical and think about what the breeder
 has saved!

Only the sole administration of food and cleaning just is not enough!

Food is not the same food! - There is much knowledge about the composition and nutritional requirements necessary.

 Also on other news, a breeder must inform and train, which in turn is Expensive!


With a puppy / young dog from Family Colliehof you are on the safe side. Because you and your dog the veterinarian should know only from the prophylactic side, and have many years of joy to your family!

Payment for this is appropriate. Note also the accessories and what your collie a
 has good start!

Furthermore, vaccination course (5-fold), deworming (5-fold), Chip, Veterinarian examination, Welpenstartset, Integration Guide (printed version still Comprehensive), purchase contract, vaccination card, up to 10th Week of life also included! The integration can also get instructions in advance for the deposit as a pdf version and vote so the home to the new residents! This will set new standards in the award!

Cheap animals with the following problems, you get almost everywhere. Not infrequently it happens that the owner gives up, or the animal must be euthanized for medical reasons.

You should also read "Lea's" story here:
 Please also read the "Eleven Ask a dog to its owner."

In exceptional cases, if you can not come to us (!), We also offer a transfer service, after you have chosen your puppy / young dog.

We provide you with a suitable photo or video material available.


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