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About us - Colliehof - English

Welcome to the website for Colliehof-Family, a breeding ground for collies of the American line.

The responsibility for the animals and breed awareness, we created 1994, this kennel to offer lovers of this breed Artgerecht raised and embossed puppies and kittens.

The real American Collie, also known as Lassie Collie is larger, more robust and stable character than the VDH Collie, which is not comparable with our animals, because it is there also came to over-breeding, which manifest themselves partly in character flaws and anxiety .
Even with the lack of studies on the breeding we do not agree, but is also of some other club's are not met.

Many satisfied customers from all over Germany but also Switzerland and Austria have confirmed the quality!

We can not and will not be present everywhere, that we are breeding Collies for responsible and lovers of the breed, and for therapy, companion and agility.
From experience we know that a combined building and plant breeding is perfect for the growth and well-being of the collie.
In the home they are confronted with different sounds that can be partially simulated in the dog houses.
The plant is subject to change and is maintained and developed, which is associated with significant costs, thereby also creates the price.
Of course, every dog ​​sold is taxed properly, what every breeder has to, but often black runs on a "hobby farm", no matter what "association".

This breed is operated in a park-like, about 5000 square meters, with planted, maintained and to ensure animal-friendly outlets.

We make sure that the animals are kept in a delightful setting.


So there are different levels in this system with different floors and floor coverings.

Play opportunities with different toys are available as well as retreats for the puppies and of course for the adult animals.

Collies are raised with the family. Thus an optimal imprinting on humans and a corresponding socialization is given.
Nevertheless, these are not the whole day exposed to the stress of a family, which is not advantageous for the development!

The philosophy of Dr. Fleig, a successful breeder and publisher of literature, we also use the following guideline:

Health, performance, intelligence and beauty!


The teachings of Dr. Fleig and also next to the latest findings, especially in nutrition form the foundation of Colliehof Family.

As a breeder of this breed, we believe we have a duty to preserve the purity of this breed collie type, and if possible for the benefit of collies - not for aesthetic reasons-improving.
Beauty must be in line with health, the dog must be viewed holistically, the longevity should be a breeding goal!

With our quality, performance and the service we are among the best of the collie breeders. By collaborating with strong partners, we can give to useful accessories, the total of our offering is second to none!
Moreover, we also take care to leave at a fair price!
Choose from among several nursing programs!

With us, your dream of a collie is true!

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