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The responsibility that brings with it a litter of puppies is very large.
The rearing of this delicate nature requires, especially in the first weeks of life, large temporal and material use.
The Night of the breeder is willing to look straight in the first weeks of life as quite normal.
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Puppies should be at a responsible breeder, but also the result of a study on .- Before and disadvantages, its planned mating.
We have a responsibility towards the animal and you as

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Responsible breeding is also associated with costs! - The competition is not necessarily appropriate uses
Materials, so you look more closely!
From experience we know that a combined building and plant breeding is perfect for the growth and well-being of the collie.
In the home they are confronted with different sounds that can be partially simulated in the dog houses.
The plant is subject to change and is maintained and developed, which is associated with significant costs, thereby also creates the price.
Of course, every dog ​​sold is taxed properly, what every breeder has to, but often black runs on a "hobby farm", no matter what "association".

The Colliehof Family concentrates on the health and well being of the selected breeding partner.
Often, a breeder must take on large distances to maintain a database, go to different holders to find a suitable breeding partner.

May not always be done with reference to outer rear view, as these are ultimately subjective.
The phenotype is not the same genotype? - It applies also to lift the precious secret and preserve!

With a puppy / young dog from Family Colliehof you are on the safe side. Because you and your dog the veterinarian should know only from the prophylactic side, and have many years of joy to your family!

The beauty and any documents that have given the parents use to help you with a sick dog anything!
Therefore, our guiding principle for
      Dr. Fleig: health, performance and beauty!
Exactly in this order must be breeding, improvement of the breed should also be sought.
This starts with a number of recent studies and, because only what the dog has not, can not be inherited!


As a customer you rightly expect a healthy, socialized and imprinted on humans puppies.
You should also read the page>> TESTIMONIALS <<.

Health is also the result of optimal, and the particular stage of life adapted nutrition.
In the first weeks of life, we use this puppy milk and Welpenbrei of CANINA PHARMA, then later we will use puppy food from Royal Canin food with which we have very good experience.
Nonetheless, you should consider our knowledge to be successful with this food!
With our specially developed food programs, we avoid epigenitische consequences!

Furthermore, the puppies are up to the 10th Week of life, 5-way vaccinated, wormed and 5-fold and with a transponder (chip) code, so can easily be assigned to your favorite! - A painful for the dog tattoo is no longer part of that is in good breeding is not modern anymore.
From animal protection reasons, this should not be done!

The puppies are socialized by parents, animals and nature festivals adult animals, and of course by the breeders themselves
Thereby learn about the various environmental sounds and puppies conditions, but also appropriate budget conditions.
Basically, the puppy will be combined into a house - raised and entertainment system, since neither the one nor the other is sufficient.
As a result, you get a robust and immunized Collie, where you have fun!

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